Customer specific solutions

 Tasks within a test facility usually are very individual. Additional appliances and test equipment can help to ease up work at the test bench. However, they have to be designed to a specific task before. In close cooperation with you, we develop components that help you in your everyday test bench work life. Our strength lies within combining electrical and mechanical components.

We supply appliences and equipment that have been developed and put into practice in collaboration with the customer. We set a high value on understanding your task and thus delivering a tailor-made solution. When it comes to combining electrical and mechanical components, we can use our strength in design and execution entirely to your benifit.

Here are some examples we put together for you:


Tandem gruen

We think the combination of an hydraulic dynamometer and an asynchronous machine is the best solution for building a dynamometer with high power and low rotational inertia. The test bench shown on the left features over 800 kW while being extremely compact. We consider the especially short building time for this project particularly noteworthy: It took only 7 weeks from first contact to the customer until delivery.

A reference for your Sensyflow - "the rocketship"


This benchmarking tool was built to calibrate airflow meters (Sensyflow) right in the test bench where they are installed without the need of removal.

We have combined a DKD-calibrated reference airflow meter with a powerful air blower into a mobile unit. With this tool it is possible to let a defined air mass stream flow through the reference unit and the airflow meter to be tested. A comparison of both readouts verify the air flow meter at the test bench within minutes while saving the costs to calibrate the tool at the manufacturer.

 Measuring trolley


 Our special measuring trolley is similarly useful. First and foremost it allows you to precisely position measuring points for humidity, pressure and temperature of the intake air. Furthermore it offers space for emission and lambda test equipment while still keeping them mobile to easily push them aside when not needed. Since we always think our solutions through until the end, we also included a power supply, CAN-modules, valves, an exhaust gas cooler and condensate traps.



Electromechanical throttle actuator

Gasfuß 13

The electromechanical throttle actuator easily fits any driver's seat in a passenger car or utility vehicle without the need to drill, screw, glue, etc. Many geometric degrees of freedom allow perfect positioning in almost any leg room. A self learning mechanism and intelligent linear motor mechanics including position feedback guarantee a high degree of repeatability and a quick initial setup. Is is of no importance if the actuator operates standing or hanging throttle pedals.

Universal engine mount

This is a universal mount for engines, adjustable in any direction. The adjustment in height is done via a scissor lift mechanism and serves as a spring suspension at the same time. The mount can be turned and moved in any direction. No matter how the mount has been positioned, the counterpart on the engine always fits its place. The back end of the mount provides a positioning and locking mechanism and a laser system helps with the alignment of the engine. Clever, functional, thought-out - it just makes sense.


Movable and turnable engine test bench

You prefer a highly variable engine test bench? BETA Dyn has developed a system involving a base frame mounted on air cushions. This way engine and dynamometer, both mounted on the frame, can be moved and turned and thus positioned anywhere and anyhow on a platform.

Torsion test bench


We developed a test bench for the final inspection of carbon shafts by applying a defined torque onto the mounted test object. We do this by very simple means of pneumatic actuators, pulleys, weights and leverage - just classic laws of physics. After applying the defined torque the measured angle of twist should be within expected thresholds. A small control unit evaluates the test and automatically creates a protocol.


Fuel metering reference unit


Many engine test benches make use of continuous fuel flow meters. To calibrate them, usually the measuring unit needs to be sent to the manufacturer. We have developed a reference measuring device for you to save your time and money. Just validate the fuel flow meter right at the test bench.

Essentially we have put a highly accurate scale on wheels. Fuel flows through a system of apertures and valves into a constantly weighed container. The change of weight over time enables us to very accurately (< 1%) determine the fuel flow and compare it to the tested flow meter.


Remote controls

Funkfernbedienung 6

Do you feel tied to a fixed operator workstation? We offer flexible solutions to operate your test bench via a remote control safely and reliably - be it wireless or tethered.


If you are looking for simple solutions for your specific tasks -  contact us now.

Asynchronous machines

BETA Dyn supplies asynchronous machines for use in both, engine and vehicle test benches. We deliver a complete system including motor, frequency converter, torque measuring device, cables and accessories.


Vehicle test benches

We deliver customer specific vehicle test benches of different types and sizes.



We swap all components of your test bench to a thought-out overall, state of the art solution.


Preventive service

Your test benches have cost a lot of money. Now they are supposed to operate reliably and without disruptions...