Dynamometer repairs

You have an eddy current or hydraulic dynamometer running in your test bench? That is is a good choice of yours! These dynos run for decades without any problems when looked after well. Only after a really long operating time or after damage they need to be completely rebuilt. This is a case for the experts at BETA Dyn.


As an illustration of our work here are some before and after examples:


before:                                                                                                                       and after:





Asynchronous machines

BETA Dyn supplies asynchronous machines for use in both, engine and vehicle test benches. We deliver a complete system including motor, frequency converter, torque measuring device, cables and accessories.


Vehicle test benches

We deliver customer specific vehicle test benches of different types and sizes.



We swap all components of your test bench to a thought-out overall, state of the art solution.


Preventive service

Your test benches have cost a lot of money. Now they are supposed to operate reliably and without disruptions...