EASYFlex controller

EASYFlex - EASY operation and FLEXible design

Our EASYFlex family is based on an universal digital controller for engine- and vehicle test benches. Next to taking control over the electric machines and possibly also the test object, it also handles the entire periphery, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

Next to the usual measurands as speed, torque, power and throttle position, EASYFlex is able to measuer temperatures, pressures and electrical signals of all sorts, too. Measurement values can be filtered, monitored and recorded. Integrated features enable a fully automated operation of the test bench according to previously defined duty points.

EASYFlex is hereby creating a link between a sole controller and a complex automation system.

This system is the ideal solution for...

  • engine test benches without a superordinated automation system
  • vehicle test benches of any kind, particularly emission test benches

EASYFlex is a system of hard- and software that is always tailor-made to your test bench. Questions such as "what can EASYFlex do?" or "how does the device look like?" can only be answered in one way: EASYFlex can do anything you want and it looks like you need it to for your test bench. Thus, there is no standard-configuration, a base unit in hardware or a price list. We develop every EASYFlex system as an individual system that suits your application.


EASYFlex 19" rack-unit

EASYFlex Rack


Asynchronous machines

BETA Dyn supplies asynchronous machines for use in both, engine and vehicle test benches. We deliver a complete system including motor, frequency converter, torque measuring device, cables and accessories.


Vehicle test benches

We deliver customer specific vehicle test benches of different types and sizes.



We swap all components of your test bench to a thought-out overall, state of the art solution.


Preventive service

Your test benches have cost a lot of money. Now they are supposed to operate reliably and without disruptions...