Motor Signal Multiplexer


Motor Signal Mulitplexer

The Motor Signal Multiplexer - in short MoSiMux - is an electrical switch matrix that distributes 14 signals in 8 groups on 12 outputs. The solution consists of the matrix-box in hardware and matching software.


System design



Usually switching between different engine types with different ECUs and different CAN-participants on a test bench requires a switch of the engine diagnostics system and the wiring, both source of errors leading to a malfunctioning test setup. MoSiMux is a system we developed to completely automate the switch of engine types to increase process reliability.

Hardware MoSiMux Matrix Box

The Matrix-Box is a 19" unit of 2 HU and the following features:

  • Distribution of the ECU's data link (5x CAN, 2x K-Line, throttle) in any configuration on all 12 outputs
  • Switchable distribution of the on-board voltage (Pin 15/30/31/50) on all 12 outputs
  • Switching of all signals via relais
  • Permanent 12V supply on all outputs to power engine calibration systems (ES590, Part Y, MCS4, ...)
  • Measurement of voltage and current on pin 15, 30 and 50
  • Protection of all data links (CAN, K-Line, throttle) via self-resetting fuses
  • Protection of on-bord voltage via digital current monitoring with load throw-off in case of overcurrent
  • modular design, thus change of individual modules possible in case of need
  • Alphanumeric display of four rows
  • Remote control via RS232 or USB-interface via the MoSiMux software

Schematic diagram MoSiMux Matrix-Box:

 Mosimux Schaltung

The signals CAN1-5, K-Line and throttle consist of two connections each; pin 15/30/50 of 3 each. They can only be switched in pairs.

Software MoSiMux

The MoSiMux software connects the PC running the automation system, the diagnostics-PC running the engine application system and the matrix-box. The user interface on both PCs is identical, thus virtually eliminating the need for using the diagnostics-PC.

The software deals with the following tasks:

  • Connection between both PCs
  • Start of the correct engine calibration system according to the request of the automation system
  • Display of the current state of all software-components
  • Transfer of information about engine-type, injector-classes, variation-codes, etc. from automation system to engine calibration system
  • Display of measurement values of current and voltage of pin 15/30/50


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